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Eilat is one of the the largest city in Israel. It is a region where people of all walks of life live together. The region is densely populated and highly commercial surrounded by small and big shops, showrooms and restaurants with everything available at one place from an iron pin to a car. A place; known for its beauty and commercial works.  This area has also grown in modern terms also. In Eilat region there are 100’s of escorts agencies are present and working from very long time.Eilat escortsare not only famous in their own region but are known across the Israel for their work. They work openly as prostitution work is legal so they do not face any difficulty in their works if they are registered and are legal.

Business design-

These escortswork in the Eilat region and outside regions as well they contact and recruit escorts (sex workers) in their organization and differentiate them on various categories the major category are –Eilat escorts and foreign escorts where according to the preferences of the customers the escorts are provided. The escorts are of two types one who are ready to work for the opposite gender and the other who will work for the same gender. There are many other categories on the basis of which the escorts are differentiated and their rates are fixed according to their category and features. The agencies earn money in two ways- either they take a fixed amount of money from the escorts or they go for a fixed percentage for every client they provide to the escorts. This is the complete business design of זונות

Recruitment process –

For recruiting escorts agencies first decide various specifications for which they want escorts in order to satisfy every type of clients they encounter with and fulfill demand of every client. These specifications of recruitments are made on the basis of- age of workers, gender, nationality, color and body features. After this list is prepared first preference is given to the people who come there with reference of an old worker of the agency and if then also requirements are not fulfilled than advertisements are given in newspapers and magazines for the requirements of the agency. Nowadays, internet is also used for the recruitment through internet agencies post their needs and on the same the people willing to work as escorts contact them for recruitment.

 Spreading the business-

In order to attain maximum clients possible the agencies advertise, using every source possible the most popular source remain internet or personal networks. The agencies ask all their escorts to get their pictures clicked in such a manner that suits the matter. Later these pictures along with details are shared on different social media sites and after that the escort liked by the client is being negotiated and finally provided to the clients. Also, some of the Eilat escortsdo all these things by owning a website for the purpose. After the client selects one of the escorts rest trading is done on the phone.